Sheela Mahnke

I am running for Westminster City Council because I want to serve our community and help us make smart choices for our future.


As a pediatrician I listen to the stories of families living in Westminster. Over the years, I have come to see health as not only about check ups and colds, but also about community. Where we live, how our city is built, the air we breathe and the water we drink impact our health. Our sense of safety and belonging also impacts our health and well-being.


As I listen to families, I want to do more, to have a greater impact. This inspired me to apply for the vacant council seat in December 2018. I was honored to be chosen for that seat and to start to make my dream a reality.


My time on council has given me a deeper understanding of our city and I have been able to bring my unique perspective to the table, promoting health and well-being as a goal in our decision making. It has also shown me that we have challenges facing our city in the years to come.


As we continue to grow as a city, I am committed to choices which promote our local economy and small businesses, provide attainable housing, especially for young families and for our growing elderly population, and preserve our sense of community.  I am dedicated to promoting wellness, protecting our environment and open spaces, and addressing climate change on a local level. Lastly, I want to make sure all residents feel like valuable members of our community. 

My time on city council has been part of an incredible journey. But to continue, I need your help! Westminster is a wonderful place to live but there are challenges ahead. Together, we can make a difference and work towards an even better city for all of us!


Thank you for your support!


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