Affordable Housing

We are in the midst of an affordable housing crisis along the Front Range. Although Westminster alone will not be able to completely solve this problem, we can work to make a difference. Every family should have a roof over their heads and every child should have a bed to sleep in at night. Sheela will continue to work on affordable housing options in Westminster, for our families and for our growing senior population.

Parks and Open Space

Westminster is known for its parks and open space which is a source of pride and enjoyment for its residents. Sheela is avid about getting outdoors and believes these spaces are important to our health and well-being. Sheela will work to preserve and expand our parks and open spaces and to assure that all areas of our city have equitable access to recreational opportunities.


As we move toward build out of our city, we need to be careful in how we develop our last remaining areas. Water is a limited resource, particularly with our changing climate and will be a major determinant of future growth. Other important factors include infrastructure, traffic and congestion, public safety and maintaining the quality of our schools. Preserving our current neighborhoods and sense of community must also be a priority. Assuring these criteria will require careful and strategic planning. Sheela will look at any new development critically to assure we are preserving the quality of life of our residents.


Local businesses not only bring revenue to our city but also support local families and add vibrancy to our communities. Westminster has great potential in its new downtown as well as our transit oriented development around Westminster Station. Revitalization of existing areas will also boost the economy. These are opportunities for economic growth while at the same time providing our residents with options for retail, dining and entertainment. Sheela is interested in looking at businesses not only in the way that they will bring revenue into the city, but in how they will increase diversity and community. 


Sheela is committed to preservation our natural environment including protecting our clean air and water. She has studied the impacts of climate change on health and believes in acting on climate change at the local level. A healthy environment is critical to our health and well-being and we must preserve our environment for future generations.

Public Safety

Our residents need to feel safe in their homes and our children deserve to grow up in neighborhoods where they feel safe playing outside. Supporting our police department, fire department and first responders will assure the needs of our community continue to be met. Working together we can build stronger and safer communities.